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Why Synthetic Diamond Engagement Rings are Worth Buying

More people are increasingly buying lab-made diamond rings for their engagement. These diamonds are as beautiful as their natural counterparts, and they offer excellent value for money. Compared with mined diamonds of similar size and quality, the lab variety is more affordable.

Here’s how artificial diamonds are made before looking into their various advantages.

What are Lab Created Diamonds?

Man made diamonds are an outcome of state-of-the-art technological procedures in a tightly regulated lab environment that replicates what goes on in the Earth’s mantle during the natural formation of diamonds. Real carbon particles are utilized in the creation of synthetic diamonds, resulting in a crystal structure akin to natural diamonds. The end result is a fine diamond with the same visual and chemical properties exhibited by natural diamonds.


If you choose to buy an engagement ring made of lab-made diamond, you get plenty of benefits. For starters, these diamonds are eco-friendly. The methods employed to create the jewelry are tenable over the long term, with a negligible effect on the environment.


Lab diamonds are ethically developed. They’re not an outcome of stolen properties, such as in war torn countries. The core raw material (carbon particles) utilized in the creation of these diamonds is sourced using legal means.

A Variety of Hues

If you’re looking for a diamond engagement ring of a specific color range, lab created products may provide the options you seek. You may go for colorless diamonds, or you could choose fancy colors for your rock. Actually, the formulas for lab diamond creation can produce a range of fancy colors that are hard to find naturally, such as different hues of stunning fancy yellow. As such, artificial diamonds are the answer when you need something exhibiting custom optical properties.

Relative Low Cost

Diamonds created in the laboratory are the perfect match for your budget. The offer all the desired chemical and optical attributes of natural diamonds at slightly lower prices. Evidently, donning a synthetic engagement diamond ring never amounts to foregoing your standards of elegance and sophistication. Still, the naked eye cannot possibly assess that a specific diamond ring is lab created or naturally formed. High-tech tools are required to help make such distinction because they can track very minor differences in the attributes of the rock, for instance in crystal development and trace elements.

These Diamonds are Very Gorgeous

Laboratory made diamonds are extremely gorgeous, pretty much like the mined diamonds. That’s true since, like diamonds extracted from the mantle, this jewelry has impressive physical, visual, and chemical attributes.

You can buy stunning lab made diamond engagement rings at relatively lower prices today. The rocks are of excellent quality and are produced ethically. Likewise, the diamonds are created using environmentally-friendly technology.

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